More Not Less: Book 1 & Book 2

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More Not Less! Dual Disc

More Lyric... More Beats.... More Rhythm.... More Truths.... More Love.... More Wins..... More Thought... More Action....

M O R E N O T L E S S 
B O O K O N E 

1. No Time (Produced by Nate Rhoads)
2. History Baby (Produced by AndreOnBeat)
3. Mistakes (Produced by Dope Boi)
4. Ups And Downs (Produced by AndreOnBeat)
5. Quit Going Through My Phone (Produced by Clever)
6. No Concealing (Produced by AndreOnBeat)
7. Gains (Produced by Canis Major)
8. Right To It (Freestyle) (Produced by Page Turner)
9. Real Ones (feat. Miz) (Produced by Canis Major)
10. Back To My Old Ways (Produced by Bnchy)
11. Never Like This (feat. Young Notice) (Produced by AndreOnBeat)


M O R E N O T L E S S 
B O O K T W O 

1. Have No End (Produced by AndreOnBeat)
2. Selfish (feat. Jessie Branch) (Produced by Dope Boi)
3. Can You Just (feat. King HushHush) (Produced by Dope Boi)
4. I Love U (Produced by MadReal)
5. Young'n Fly (feat. WalteR) (Produced by Page Turner)
6. Hell For Them (Produced by Brainstorm)
7. Young Man (Produced by JCuse)
8. Don't Need One (feat. Ang P) (Produced by ADOTHEGOD & AndreOnBeat)
9. Just Wait (Produced by Tariq Beats)
10. Summer's Over (Produced by AndreOnBeat)

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