Who is Page Turner?


Humble rhythms and captivating stories unite amidst the gripping presence of finely crafted bars – producer and rapper Page Turner, injects a welcomed edge of precision and soul into modern hip hop.

Stylishly blending hypnotic flows and profound lyrical depths, Page’s 2018 album ‘More Not Less’ connected for its emotive humanity and clear sense of identity combined. Devoted to storytelling and uplifting, ambient soundscapes, the project embraced the hip hop genre with respect and versatility.

Born in Centralia, WA, the Mexican-American emerges backed by a lifetime of experiences to reflect upon. At just twelve years old Page began writing music, and at just seventeen started beat battling with GrindTime NW & other local leagues. As such, the producer has now sold thousands of original beats to artists and rappers across the globe. His unique blend of timeless rhythms and contemporary flavors leads with realness and heart that continue to raise the bar.


Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Jay Z and Drake, as much so as indie legend Russ, Page brings authenticity in both voice and lyrical substance to the new music realm. Promising skillful execution in sound-design and writing, Page creates beats for other artists yet also utilizes the production space to find tracks fit to elevate his own bars and hooks.

Connection is key, and getting the chemistry just right means Page’s music already reaches hundreds of listeners monthly. ‘Back To My Old Ways’ in particular, from the 2018 album, boasts 20,000 views on YouTube alone, and reached 200,000 on Facebook and Instagram; with renowned podcaster Adam22 even playing the track on a live stream (who also streamed 2021's "No Excuses").

Committed to the art-form with a clear love for the genre, Page’s new album ‘Write Your Life’ is set to appear July 29, 2022, further securing his role as one of hip hop’s most passionate and influential acts. Featuring a plethora of renowned names, with Afroman, Kap G, GT Garza and viral TikTok rapper DDK all making appearances, the project aims high with ambition and flow skillfully intertwined.


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